2011–Artist`s Private Studio, Beyond The Boundaries of Photography,Los Angeles, California – Solo Exhibition (May 2011)
2011–Henna Art Gallery, Little Dancer,Tehran, Iran – Group Exhibition (April 2011)
2010-Artist's Private Studio,Fish,Tehran,Iran – Solo exhibition (March 2010)
2010-Artist's Private Studio,Hidden Generation,Tehran,Iran – Solo exhibition (January 2010)


Artist statement

I started my professional career in photography with live theater. Even though I have left theater photography for many years now, I am still under the influence of theater in my work. The world to me represents the stage of a theatre. I witness this scene through my camera
At any given moment in time, I see the unfolding of a scene with its unique characters. My aim is to eternalize this scene for ever. After my theatrical experience, my work slowly moved towards a different path