Fataneh Dadkhah was born in Tehran- Iran in November, 25th , 1952. She graduated from College of Mass communications and social Sciences, in Tehran-Iran. She pioneered stage photography, as an artistic discipline in Iran, with 20 years of experience in capturing images and documenting the rebirth of Iranian theater, after 1979. Her book “Theater Photography” was published in 1983 by Dramatic Arts Center in Iran. Since 2001, she started traveling inside and outside of Iran and experiencing snapshot photography. She has been featured in many prominent publications, including, Washington Post, in 2002 and The French edition of Elle Magazine In 2000, as a contemporary Iranian artist and photographer. In 2002 she was honored by Lincoln Center in New York City, as they asked her to exhibit her works, in two different venues, to further support the Tazieh and modern productions that they were hosting from Iran. In December of 2003, she was also honored by Iranian – American Technology council, in Washington DC. Last but not least, in April of 2009, she was honored by the Iranian Theatre House, for her contribution and dedication as a great photographer.

Artist Statement

I started my professional career in photography with live theater. Even though I have left theater photography for many years now, I am still under the influence of theater in my work. The world to me represents the stage of a theatre. I witness this scene through my camera. At any given moment in time, I see the unfolding of a scene with its unique characters. My aim is to eternalize this scene for ever. After my theatrical experience, my work slowly moved towards a different path. It was a creative transformation. A termination of objectivism and a step towards subjectivism. I started seeing beyond the limits of an image and began to visualize its essence. I use the magic of the camera to unfold the complexities of the world around me. What seems only a fantasy in my everyday life, is transcended into reality through my art. This fantasy is what I seek to share with my audience. everyday life, is transcended into reality through my art. This fantasy is what I seek to share with my audience. In my view, photography is not simply copying the world around me. It is the ability of the photographer to use her sense of esthetics to eternalize a decisive moment causing the audience to ponder. In a way, the photography should not merely represent an object to the audience; instead the message should be conveyed through an artistic language created by the artist’s imagination. My work as photographer is to witness and capture the beauty around me. My philosophy is to capture the true spirit within an object, rather than its mere image. My vocabulary is all about colors, lines and shapes. I seek simplicity.