2011– Artist`s Private Studio, Beyond The Boundaries of Photography,Los Angeles, California – Solo Exhibition (May 2011)

2011–Henna Art Gallery, Little Dancer,Tehran, Iran – Group Exhibition (April 2011)

2010-Artist's Private Studio,Fish,Tehran,Iran – Solo exhibition (March 2010)

2010-Artist's Private Studio,Hidden Generation,Tehran,Iran – Solo exhibition (January 2010)

2009-Artist's Private Studio,Red Bride,Tehran,Iran – Solo exhibition (December 2009)

2009-Still Travelling 2 –Solo Exhibition

2009-Still Travelling 1 –Solo Exhibition

2010-Mall Galleries, Masques of Shahrazad (Evolution and revolution through three generations of Iranian women artists ), London-Group exhibition

2008-Silk Road Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran –Solo exhibition

2008-Richard J. Ernest Cultural Center – Annandale, Virginia – Visual Artists Group

2007-Exhibit 9 Gallery, Potomac, MD, Solo exhibition

2007-Mah Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran – Solo exhibition

2005-Empowered Woman International, Alexandra, Virginia – Group exhibition

2004-Empowered Woman International, Alexandra, Virginia – Solo exhibition

2003-Iranian – American Technology Council, Washington DC – Solo exhibition

2002-Lincoln Center Library and Clark Hall, New York city – Solo exhibition

2002-Art - O- Matic, Washington DC, Group exhibition

2002-Exhibit 9 Gallery, Potomac, MD, Solo exhibition

2002-Roulette Gallery, Kensington, MD, Solo exhibition

2000-Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation, Tehran, Iran, Solo exhibition

1992-Dramatic Arts Center, Tehran, Iran, Solo exhibition

1984-City Theater, Tehran, Iran, Solo exhibition

1983-Roudaki Hall (Iran’s main opera house), Tehran, Iran, Solo exhibition